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How hinto works

Hinto are based on unique algorithm that revolutionizes your chances of winning.
Based on Big Data and Artificial Intelligence reads sport data in a totally new way.
Verified by scientists from Oxford University.

Step 1
Create an account

You can register via Facebook or Google

Step 2
Bet according to tips

Follow every generated tips

Step 3
Follow your account balance

Each stake given for a specific tip is based on bankroll 2000. Increase or decrease the stake in proportion to the bankroll.

The long-term result is important!

In each month (excluding months with a pandemic), the generated tips achieved a positive rate of return in the range of 2-12%.


Extra money every month.

The tips that appear on the hinto platform have high efficiency. The platform is intuitive and simple.


Based on

New method of sport analysis based on Big Data and Artificial Intelligence

Our tips

It's simple.

Precise Instructions and Tips

Clear and intuitive Interface

Statistics and News for each event

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