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A utility token basend on the ERC20 protocol on the Ethereum blockchain. Thanks to the Hinto token, you can buy packages at a lower price and blockchain technology guarantees the uniqueness of the tokens and their transparency.

In addition to the utility function, the token also has a representative function and contributes to the development of the product and the community around it.

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Possibility to purchase VIP and Premium packages as well as a lower price for the "Basic" package

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Hinto token
Available Premium £ 69.99 /per month incl. VAT
50 % off Standard £ 9.99 /per month incl. VAT
Available VIP £ 104.99 /per month incl. VAT
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Active participation in the development of the product and its community.

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Hinto is the only tool that gives large profits on a monthly basis. It’s an easy to navigate platform, even for beginners.

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What is the Hinto token?

A token is a unit of value in a blockchain network. The number of units is predetermined and works on the basis of one system, which in the case of a hinto token is blockchain ethereum. 1,000,000 HNT tokens were issued for the hinto product.