What is the hinto token?

A token is a unit of value in a blockchain network. The number of units is predetermined and works on the basis of one system, which in the case of a hinto token is blockchain ethereum. 1,000,000 HNT tokens were issued for the hinto product. This is the total supply of Hinto tokens. Hinto tokens operate based on the ERC20 protocol in the Ethereum network. Since they are generated, there is an infrastructure in which they can be sent between users.

What does the hinto token give you?

A hinto token is a type of utility token. This is due to the fact that as part of the hinto product, the token is accepted as a means of payment that gives clear defined benefits. These benefits are the opportunity to purchase the “Basic” package cheaper as well as the purchase of the remaining “Premium” and “VIP” packages. The same ecosystem was created in which the token can freely function and act as a means of payment, thus contributing to the development of the community around the product itself and becoming a kind of tool for its dissemination.

The problem with most projects that emit a token is that the product / services they want to provide do not yet exist. This means that most projects use token emission as an opportunity to raise funds to implement an idea. This is a huge risk for investors who buy such tokens, usually as a result of a desire to speculate and count on getting rich quickly. The further problem is, however, that most of the projects that collect funds then do not finish the idea they promised to implement, and even if it succeeds in most projects, it turns out that the token has no real usability. This means that it is treated as a representative token, but in practice it has no usefulness in relation to the project to which it belongs. The result is very large amounts of different tokens on numerous exchanges that are of no value and naturally, potential buyers will no longer be completely interested in them over time. The issue, however, is that the user often decides to buy a specific token due to the fact that there are a lot of them and most have no future or potential.

In the case of hinto, the order s quite the opposite. Tokens were issued after a 14-month period of operation of the product, which allowed to gain the trust of its users through the results that were achieved throughout this period. The ecosystem, which was created as part of the hinto platform for tokens, has tremendous value and potential that can only strengthen the product and contribute to its dynamic development. Soon new information will be available regarding the exchanges where the hinto token will be available for purchase. At the moment it is the P2PB2B exchange, but soon the list of places will be longer. Follow social channels to stay up to date and not miss the opportunity.