What is the advantage of hinto over other solutions on the market?

The hinto platform offers access to paid predictions for sports events. Currently, these are mainly football matches, while in the near future, the offer will be extended to more sports, such as tennis. The uniqueness of the product, which is hinto, lies in the fact that as one of the first companies in the industry, we create a completely new offer for participants of this market. Currently, there are many different groups and non-professional companies that declare the possibility of selling sports tips.

What's the main difference? 

Sooner or later, it turns out that such tips do not exist in the long run, generating a loss for the user anyway. The problem is that whatever tips that are available on such groups are not built on some foundation that would allow them to be successful in the long run. Sometimes the results are impressive, but only in the short term, which also means that there are more and more people willing to try such predictions, and thus buy access to the group that offers them.

In our team, we repeat that the key to success is the perspective of a long time horizon, which allows us to formulate the most accurate assumptions and statements based on which we can build our own strategies and beliefs that can pay off for everyone. Since the beginning of the hinto platform in the B2C segment, a rate of return of 243.5% has been achieved through thousands of available tips. Our last month was the first month in the history of our platform that ended with a loss of -4.25%. Many users have asked us a question in relation to this situation, which we also answer in this article.

The last 12 months, before August 2020, have always been in a positive return, which shows how marginal one month is. Of course, it is easier to understand for users who are with us from the beginning and have the ability to track predictions for a long time. They also managed to earn money thanks to predictions, thanks to which the potential loss does not seem to be a threat to them.


Regarding the above-mentioned months, of course you have to deduct the months in which there were no predictions due to the lack of club play due to Covid-19. It was not an easy period for our team, but we devoted this time to maximum commitment to the technological development of our product. In conclusion, the main difference between the Hinto product and other alternatives is that our predictions are based on solid foundations related to historical data that are processed by Machine Learning models as well as in the context of long-term tuning, which "does not promise 1000 % during the month ”.

If someone is thinking about changing their way of playing and trying to make them professional, then unless they understand that there are no shortcuts and easy money, they will never be able to achieve it. It requires patience and composure, which our users definitely lack. This is often the reason why they decide not to continue using our product because it does not provide them with the appropriate incentives to stimulate them in the context of the high payouts that these players imagine. There is also a problem with the financial barrier that prevents many people from being professional, if someone loses £100 once a week and is not willing to spend more, they will never be able to change their game. It all depends on the customer's approach. Through the hinto platform, we make it easier in the context of a professional approach to sports betting. At the end of the day, it's all up to you and your will.