Three rules to keep in mind when betting professionally.

At the beginning, we would like to point out that the indicated rules are subjective, which means that some people may openly disagree with the below-mentioned rules. Nevertheless, we can assure you that they are supported by extensive experience and the philosophy we profess, also by the approach and form of operation of the hinto product. So let's get down to business.

1. Be patient

One of the main problems most players face is lack of patience. Even I ignore players who bet without any plan or strategy at this point (although they have a similar syndrome, which we will compare later). Let's look at players who use certain systems or strategies to professionalise their game. Of course, on a professional level, there is no such thing as a golden recipe that will allow you to win confidently and forever without any effort just by adopting a strategy. Every player who takes betting seriously is aware of this, often as their main occupation and source of income. The problem is that what connects players who have strategy and those who do not is that both groups often react violently to losing. A group of players who do not use any strategies are much more prone to the emotional reaction to a loss.

This is because they cannot throw the responsibility of their decision, and if the player has made a decision based on his own strategy, it is easier for him to displace the loss by putting the burden on the system. Additionally, such a player has a certain plan for the continuation of the game, according to the strategy, which cannot be said for the player who decides to act at random. The first group, of course, is more like gamblers, while the second group, despite trying to be rational, also falls into the traps of the first, because most strategies or methods that someone devises or finds on the Internet will be ineffective or due to lack of basis. 


2. Think mathematically about your game

Every person who uses the hinto platform and takes the generated predictions seriously should think about them in mathematical terms. There is often a temptation to, for example, increase the stake for a given match, despite the fact that it is not advisable. This is because the betting mechanism builds a false belief in many players about the simplicity and ease of money that can be made quickly. Until players stop approaching wagers this way, there is no chance of changing the performance and the end results.

In the event that we are aware that the mathematical approach and the long-term perspective can benefit, it will be easier for us to prevent unwanted situations that happen against the background of our psychology and emotions, which are often bad counselors.


3. Be consistent

A powerful problem that does not allow many players to exceed the professional threshold is the lack of consistency related to the decisions taken and the attitude towards betting. It should be remembered that the professional level requires more time commitment, so you cannot count on someone making the game more professional if you are not able to engage at specifc level. The same goes for the strategies we choose. It is common for a user to try to play multiple strategies on one account at once. This makes it very easy for him to get lost. If you choose a specific strategy, it is worth sticking to it for a certain period of time, which we consider that it allows us to determine its effectiveness. In the case of hinto users who start the game based on the generated predictions, it is possible to check the history of generated predictions over the last 16 months, which makes it possible to verify the effectiveness and consistency of the achieved results.