How to Bet on Team News (Football Betting)

Betting on team news is an interesting way to make money with sports betting. The idea is simple — by placing bets as soon as news is released, you can get in at great odds. In this article, we'll look at the basics of betting on team news, including what news to follow, when to bet on it, and how to do so.

What Is Betting on Team News?

In sports betting, betting on team news is placing a bet as soon as (or even before) important team news is released. There are a variety of strategies for betting on team news, but they share a common goal: to place bets at favourable odds, before the markets have had a chance to react to the news.

Types of Team News

There are a few different types of team news which can influence the odds of a sporting match. In the case of football, the main types of team news are injuries, suspensions, and rests.


Injuries are exactly what they sound like: when a player has been injured. Of course, an injured player won't take part in the match, which can reduce a team's chances of winning.


Similarly, there are various sporting suspensions which can stop a player from taking part in a match.


Last but not least, even if a player is neither injured nor suspended, the team coach or manager may choose to rest them. This usually takes place when more important matches are coming up, which the player will need to be on top form for.

Where to Find Team News

If you want to bet on team news, you need to know where to look for it. Most team news is published (or at least circulates) on Twitter, the popular social media site. However, there may be some private groups which hear the news first. Obviously, the sooner you hear the news, the better chances you have of getting in on the bet before the market reacts.

When to Bet on Team News

It's not always a great idea to bet on team news. If you're not careful, you'll end up placing all sorts of weird and wonderful bets on football matches in response to news. You really need to choose the occasions when placing a bet actually makes sense in the context of the news. Generally speaking, the best time to react to team news is when the news relates to a major player. For example, if a team's goalie has been injured or suspended, and their substitution isn't up to much, that could seriously reduce their chances of a win or even draw. One factor you can take into consideration when deciding whether to bet on team news is how the team usually fares with and without that player, in terms of wins, draws, and losses. However, you do need to be fast when betting on team news, so this kind of statistical approach is best automated.

How to Bet on Team News

The steps involved in betting on team news are simple. To start with, you need to look out for the team news via your medium of choice. As soon as the news comes in, you need to decide whether it increases or decreases a team's chances of winning. If you want to be creative, you can also look at other betting markets which might be slower to respond, like the goals markets. Once you've decided what effect the news will have on a match, you can get on and place your bet on a sportsbook or betting exchange of choice — hopefully before the market or bookmaker has a chance to react to the news.

Team News Betting Strategies

Generally speaking, betting on team news can be divided into two broad strategies, depending on whether you want to trade the news or use it to place advantageous value bets.

Team News Value Betting

Value betting is the process of betting on sports matches at odds which you think are better than those offered by the bookmaker. If a piece of news comes out, you may have the opportunity to place a bet at odds which don't take that news into account, which can be favorable. Then, you simply hold onto the bet until the end of the match. Although your bets may be incorrect from time to time, you should statistically walk away with a profit in the long run.

Team News Trading

The other approach to betting on team news is to trade it. One way to do this is by using the cashout feature available on many betting exchanges, like the Betfair exchange. The process is simple: once the news comes out, you place your bet at the old odds. As the market reacts, the odds change and you can cash out your bet for an instant profit. This way, you don't run the risk that the bet might actually be incorrect.

Team News Betting Tools

Unfortunately, there aren't too many tools dedicated to betting on team news. As a result, you'll have to rely on platforms where you can hear the news first, and do the rest yourself (manually, or by finding a way to automate it).


Twitter is the tool of choice for many casual punters looking to hear about team news. In fact, you might even be able to find certain tools which will alert you when tweets with chosen keywords are published, which can be helpful when trying to identify fresh news.


Another approach is to find a tipster or group of betting enthusiasts which specializes in team news. Simply set up notifications, and see whether they can get news out to you before the market reacts.

An Easier Way to Profit with Sports Betting

Unless you have early access to sporting news or a way to automatically place bets, betting on team news can be incredibly difficult, since every second matters. If you're looking for an easier and more reliable way to profit with betting, why not look to a tried and tested platform for sports betting predictions, like Hinto?