Summary Hinto SaaS in 2019.

Last year 2019 was extremely important for the SaaS Hinto, from the point of view of occurrences and news that significantly improved the product and allowed it to enter a higher level both in technology and business. Time to summarize the work done by the Hinto team and the effects that were obtained. Below you will find a description of key occurrences and their significance for the entire product.

1. Implementation of blockchain technology.

Despite the delays, the Hinto team managed to implement a solution in December 2019 based on blockchain technology that allows you to save the generated tips, in the form of hashes, on blockchain. This is a key implementation, due to the maximum possible credibility as to the correctness of the generated tips and the inability to interfere in their history from the administrator panel. We invite you to read the entire article describing this implementation, which appeared recently on the medium.


2. Record ROI 230.41%

The last article on the results and ROR, obtainable by using tips generated on the platform, appeared on the medium on June 26. The results of the algorithm were analyzed over the last 14 months, between April 2018 and May 2019, in which the algorithm generated a return rate of 181.8%, which gave an average of 12.1% per month. The total number of tips generated in this period is equal 693.

Currently, the total number of generated tips from April 2018 to December 2019 is 1777. From May 2019 to the end of December, 1084 tips were generated, which achieved a return rate of 48.61%. Counting the total rate of return from April 2018 to December 2019, it was 230.41%. Over the past seven months, the average rate of return per month was 6.94%.


3. Creation of the HINTO token (HNT)

An important occurrence was the issue of the Hinto token, which was used to create the entire ecosystem, based on which the platform can reward regular customers who have the opportunity to purchase services at a lower price, thanks to the possibility of buying tokens that has value beacuse of covered in services (utility token). The token also has a promotional function, thanks to which Hinto get new customers every month, which the product has not reached before. This is possible thanks to adding the token to the P2PB2B exchange, whose users have significantly supported Hinto SaaS.

4. HINTO Team

The expansion of the hinto team was a key element in the context of product development in every possible area, from marketing and business to technology. Huge thanks for great job for Marcello Bardus (Blockchain developer), Maksym Chrost (Business developer) and Tom Bush (Chief Marketing Officer) who have permanently joined the team.

The year 2020 poses new challenges for the Hinto SaaS team, which we will try to meet. Despite of our achievements in the front of us still there is a lot of work that can improve hinto product so we keep going work forward with passion and energy which will gives us much more better results in terms of product development in the next year. BE SMART TO BET SMART!