What Is Next Goal Betting? (Tips and Strategies)

The Next Goal market is a popular football betting market which involves betting on the next team to score a goal. In this short guide, we'll share three simple tips for betting on the Next Goal market, and look at some effective betting strategies that are built around it. But first, what exactly is Next Goal betting?

What Is the Next Goal Market?

The Next Goal market allows you to bet on which team you think will next score a goal. The market consists of three different outcomes: the Home team will score a goal next, the Away team will score a goal next, or no goals will be scored. As an in-play market, the Next Goal market is highly popular among football enthusiasts, who are happy to watch the game live. For those with a good sense of how football games unfold, it can be quite a profitable betting category!

Tips for Next Goal Betting

One of the things that makes the Next Goal market so interesting is that there are a wide variety of factors you can take into account when assessing the odds. As a result, it's a great market for those who think they can analyze football matches better than others, since they can take this analysis into account when placing bets. We have three main tips for betting on the Next Goal market. To start with, look at the teams playing and their recent match history. Then, watch the match as it progresses to see the overall dynamic of how both teams are playing. Finally, be ready for any corners or penalties, which might swing the odds of a Next Goal bet significantly.

Look at Team History

When placing a Next Goal bet, the first thing to consider is the playstyles of the two teams. Most notably, is one team more aggressive than the other? Some teams will be prone to a more defensive playstyle, where they score few goals, but defend vigorously. Others will be more aggressive, scoring lots of goals, but letting some into their own net. The more aggressive a team is, the more likely they are to score the Next Goal. Not to mention, if one team is significantly stronger than another, then they're much more likely to score the Next Goal at any given time. When looking at the history of the two teams playing, be sure to take into account their recent match history, as well as their older match history. Also, where possible, see if you can find past matches featuring both teams, to see how they play against each other.

Watch the Dynamic

The Next Goal market is mostly an in-play market, meaning that you'll place your bets during the game. As a result, it's incredibly important to watch the match as it happens, so that you know how either team is playing on that particular day. For example, you might see right from the start that one of the teams is completely dominating the match, with plenty of control over the ball. If this is the case, then you ought to take that into account, since it means that the team is a lot more likely to score the next goal. Of course, the match might be entirely normal, with the exact dynamic you had expected. If this is the case, you should still watch the match to find the best opportunities to place a Next Goal bet.

Corners and Penalties

Our third tip for placing Next Goal bets is to look out for corners and penalties. Both of these circumstances can increase the chances of a team scoring the next goal, so you really ought to pay attention. Once you know a corner or penalty is on the way, so will the market. As a result, the odds will have already changed. That's why you want to try to predict corners or penalties before they are called, so that you can get in at regular odds, despite there being a much higher chance of a certain team scoring.

Next Goal Betting Strategies

There are quite a few betting strategies that involve the Next Goal market. They include betting on no more goals being scored, using the market as insurance, or trading odds for a quick and easy profit.

Next Goal No Goal

It might not be a strategy itself, but many punters build betting systems around the Next Goal No Goal outcome. This is to say that they bet on, or against, no more goals being scored in a given match. This particular outcome can be used for betting or trading, and it often has great liquidity, allowing you to place big bets at good odds without any trouble.

Next Goal Insurance

Another strategy is to use the Next Goal market as insurance for your existing bets. For example, if you're betting on one team losing the match, you can back them to score the Next Goal. This way, if they score the next goal (increasing their chances of a win or draw), you'll still walk away with something. Bear in mind that insurance strategies only work in very specific circumstances, where the odds from a certain market are better than the odds elsewhere. Otherwise, they can simply complicate your betslip without providing much benefit.

Next Goal Trading

Another common betting strategy is to trade the Next Goal market. This is where you back or lay one of the Next Goal outcomes, and then cash out once the odds have moved. Next Goal trading is extremely popular with the No Goal outcome, since you can back there being no goal, and cash out a few minutes later for a quick profit.

An Easier Betting Strategy

Unfortunately, there's nothing special about the Next Goal market. If you want to make money with it, you're still going to need a system to find opportunities where the true odds are better than the odds at your bookmaker or betting exchange. Although our betting system doesn't use the Next Goal market, it still generates betting tips for a profit of more than 12% a month. Be sure to sign up and give it a try!