Hinto will use blockchain ethereum to save generated sport tips.

In the near future, Hinto will introduce an extension to its platform, which is the system responsible for saving generated tips on the ethereum blockchain in the form of a hash. Users who have an account on the platform will be able to verify the history of generated tips, not only from one panel that shows the history of tips. Thus, we gain even greater credibility, which is necessary for the service we provide as part of our product, which is the Hinto platform.

For people who do not know what a hinto platform is, it is a place that allows people from around the world participating in the betting market to follow the prediction generated by the algorithm based on Machine Learning and Big Data. We invite you to read the previous article, which also appeared on Medium, regarding the results of the algorithm over the last 14 months. Accurate statistics are presented there, due to the fact that the ROI obtained since the start of the public generation of tips by the algorithm was 181.80%.

Blockchain, as a technology, is used in many different ways, but its popularity is still growing, which means that more and more industries are beginning to open up to this technology. We can also observe a phenomenon that we would describe as negative, because it is associated with an attempt to use the term “blockchain” as a buzzword, which will attract investors or clients to your project, product or company. This treatment is used too often, which means that blockchain does not make any sense in many places. However, with the increase in awareness in society as well as widespread education in the field of technology, the average person is able to verify the real need for blockchain technology, which means that we can determine where the use of technology makes sense and where it makes no sense.

In the case of hinto, blockchain technology finds its natural place and real need, which relates to tracking and permanent storage of certain data in a decentralized system that is autonomous in itself and the data entered into it unchanging. In this case, certain data are tips, generated by the hinto algorithm, which go in the form of hashes on a public blockchain. Users who have an account and have access to hinto can read these hashes thanks to a private key that decrypts information entered into blockchain (tips). This solution allows for full transparency in terms of generated tips and also clearly shows the way of useful use of blockchain technology.

Soon, the extension associated with saving tips on blockchain will be implemented. We will keep you updated on the status of saved tips on the blockchain via our social media channels.