Hinto summary in 2020.

We will remember 2020 for a long time. It was revolutionary in many ways for the whole world and impacted the lives of each of us. The world of sport also suffered a lot. For weeks there were no sporting events. As it is not difficult to deduce, there was no possibility of betting there were no sports events.

An example was March when no predictions appeared on our platform and the result for the first time in history since the beginning of Hinto's existence was 0%. In some cases, the lack of taxonomy prevented our users from achieving a positive return rate for previously predicted matches.

What did we do at Hinto in 2020?

We will significantly improve the entire user panel in Hinto to make it more intuitive and banners for regularly using our tips. The Hinto application is also available for mobile devices in the form of PWA, which would not be possible without the changes made. Thanks to this, while betting via a mobile device, each user has even faster access to the predictions generated by Hinto.

Three panels have been introduced for different users. The following packages are available on the platform:

a) Basic £19,99 
b) Premium £99,99
c) VIP £149,99

Users who purchase Basic cannot see the types that are generated for higher packages. However, users who purchase Premium can see their picks and those that appear for Basic. Similarly, when buying a VIP package, we have access to types generated for Basic and Premium. We have also made every effort to ensure that UX / UI is at an even higher level to meet the most demanding users' needs.

Hinto results in 2020

From the beginning, users who were with us from January 2020, assuming that they bet according to each type and stake that appeared on the platform, could earn 21.28% of their capital. This result is much worse than in the previous year, but the result is impressive about investment alternatives.

January 2020 ------> +0,88% 

February 2020 -----> +8,13% 

March 2020 --------> -3,38%

April 2020 ---------> 0% 

May 2020 ----------> +7,18%

June 2020 ---------> + 0,4%

July 2020 ----------> +4,61%

August 2020 -------> -4,25% 

September 2020 ---> +5,52% 

Oktober 2020 ------> +9,13%

November 2020 ----> -11,09%

December 2020 ----> +4,15%


The year 2020 was definitely not a good one, but we can't view it only in negative terms either. Our users who have been with us from the beginning still maintain a positive rate of return. We tried to focus as much as possible on technological development, which has reached a level that allows us to direct resources to other areas for the coming years. We cordially invite you to start your adventure with Hinto in the new 2021, which will certainly be better and more interesting.