Hinto platform and liquidity on betting exchanges.

What is liquidity on the market? 

Liquidity is a form of expressing the amount of capital that is involved in a sporting event. The greater the liquidity, the faster we are able to place bets for higher stakes. In a situation where we deal with lower liquidity at a given event, it is much more difficult to play at high stakes (of course high stakes in a subjective sense, but we mean stakes of £ 500/1000 and higher), because low liquidity is often associated with less interest on the part of players in a given event. In this article, we will answer questions related to the impact of the hinto product on liquidity at various events.

How does hinto affect on liquidity?

Many users ask us how it is possible that our product can work without problems and serve users who using predictions, are able to outplay the bookmakers in the longer term, since everyone gets the same tips, which makes it possible to have real impact on liquidity.When answering the above issue, remember to use the offers of betting exchanges and not the bookmakers themselves. A common practice is that bookmakers apply to their users, which consists in imposing limits on players who systematically win. In the case of betting exchanges, this problem is imaginary, as the business model allows for more revenue in the case of greater liquidity that is generated by users, regardless of whether someone loses or wins. This key aspect removes all doubts related to the issue of long-term winnings, which are unthinkable for many users.

The predictions that appear on the platform also include the proposed bid amount, which is assigned to the appropriate tip. The size of the stakes is generated based on the accepted bankroll, which is 2000 pounds. Many users do not pay attention to it and therefore do not stick to the strict and disciplined rates that are proposed. Of course, referring to the essence of our topic, we can quickly realize that if hinto has tens of thousands of active users, it may turn out that the generated predictions will affect to some extent the fluidity of individual events they concern. Consequently, it may be important for users who will bet at lower odds, as a large number of players will sooner play in a certain way that will lead to a lower rate on a specific event with which the prediction is associated. However, we should bear in mind that this also depends on the match for which the prediction has been generated, as there are matches that are very fluid, where the liquidity can exceed several million pounds, and there are also those where the liquidity is not impressive and the impact can be in bigger.


The global bookmaker market, is worth over 100 billion dollars, which shows how large a scale should be achieved in order to realistically make it difficult or impossible for hinto users to play in the context of the correct use of the generated tips. On the hinto platform, we also have a choice of 3 packages, which are divided into "Basic", "Premium" and "VIP" respectively. For the "Premium" and "VIP" packages, additional tips are generated that the users of the "Basic" package do not have access to. This property makes it even more difficult to reach the earlier mentioned scale which would hamper the performance of the product. We hope that we have managed to explain in a concise and simple way the issue related to the liquidity and legitimacy of the platform, also in the context of risks to business models in which bookmakers operate.