Hinto has implemented a blockchain solution to verify the authenticity of tips, as one of the first companies in the world in betting industry.

A blockchain-based solution has been implemented on the hinto platform, thanks to which every user can be sure of the correctness of the generated tips and also the history saved on the platform. Currently, each tip which is generated on the hinto platform is saved in a public history for users who can view it on an ongoing basis. History is crucial for the tool, which is hinto, because it gives ability to show the rate of return and the effectiveness of generated predictions.

Every user can view the generated tips additionally in the blockchain explorer. In the moment when football tip is generated the hash is also calculated mathematically and for example has the following form :



The above hash corresponds to the X2 tip for the Brescia — Sassuolo match at 1.60 odds on December 18. The moment when hash is generated is parallel to the moment when tip appears on the platform. The specified hash appearance is based on the specific value assigned to the tip. This ensures that in the event of a tips-related abnormality user can check the hash of this tip himself, which is permanently stored on the blockchain and calculate the hash of the tip that is specified, thereby verifying the authenticity using blockchain technology.

Moving to the explorer, we see the specific time and date when hash was generated, which also gives us the opportunity to check whether the tip was given before the match.

Hinto was one of the first platforms in the world which deployed blockchain to verify predictions from the algorithm. This is a great example of the useful use of blockchain technology for full verification and authenticity of tips generated on the hinto platform.