Caution SCAM in HINTO telegram!

Recently, someone has started dynamic promotion of the hinto project by creating an infrastructure to carry out airdrop tokens. The problem, however, is that no one from the official hinto team has anything to do with it. This is due to the fact that the hinto project has already carried out one aidrop on the P2PB2B exchange, in which 10k tokens were distributed, but in the near future no airdrop was planned. Unknown people created an infrastructure thanks to which they managed to gather over 1.5k people on a false group on a telegram called Hinto. Communication was carried out there, which for many days did not arouse suspicion, but at the moment when the hinto team attempted to communicate with a person who has an administrator on the group, they were automatically removed and a very disturbing message appeared on the group on the telegram.

The message concerned that hinto sells tokens and that it is possible to buy these tokens, provided that a specific amount of Ethereum is sent to the address provided. This is an explicit attempt to extort funds from unaware users. The hinto project does not currently sell tokens to the public. Hinto tokens could be bought at the public IEO, which lasted from August 6 to August 20 on the P2PB2B exchange. The token will also be available for purchase after the P2PB2B listing, which will take place on August 25, however, we again point out that we are not selling at the moment. In connection with this situation, the hinto team will report the case to the prosecutor’s office as a suspicion of the possibility of committing a crime in relation to this case.

We place two groups below on a telegram that belong to fraudsters, please report them as “fraud”, because it gives you the chance, with a large number of reports, for complete removal of groups.
People responsible for creating false groups have shown great effectiveness, which means that they undertake such activities systematically and have experience in this. Please check the messages carefully and also provide information to friends who can also report groups on the telegram so as to increase the chance of their removal.

Link to fake groups below: