Football Betting: Both Teams to Score and Win

Both Teams to Score and Win is a rare football bet that combines two bet categories into one. This exciting bet is a favorite among casual punters, but does it have a place in the toolbox of serious betters? We'll answer that question — and others — in this short and sweet guide to the Both Teams to Score and Win bet.

What Is Both Teams to Score (BTTS) and Win?

Both Teams to Score (BTTS) and Win is a type of football bet that involves simultaneously betting on the goals scored in a match and its outcome. It consists of two components: firstly, you're betting that both teams will score at least one goal during the match; secondly, you're betting on one of the teams winning (you can choose which). Since there are two teams which could win, this bet category consists of two separate markets — one for each team. Some bookmakers also offer a Both Teams to Score and Draw bet; as you might expect, this allows you to bet on both teams scoring and the match resulting in a draw.

BTTS vs BTTS and Win

You might have already realized that Both Teams to Score and Win is an extension of the Both Teams to Score (BTTS) bet. Both Teams to Score is an incredibly popular bet among casual punters, especially in more fast-paced games. So, which of the two bets should you place? And which of the two is easier to win? Of course, Both Teams to Score and Win has higher odds than Both Teams to Score, since you're betting on both teams scoring and a certain team winning. If you choose the underdog, these odds can actually be quite high. In practice, that means BTTS and Win bets are "harder" then regular BTTS bets; of course, that means any wins come with larger profits.

BTTS and Win Doubles, Trebles, and Accumulators

A popular way to place BTTS and Win bets is by combining them into accumulators. The most popular type of accumulator for a BTTS and Win bet is the double, which involves chaining together two of these bets. The reason doubles are so popular is because BTTS and Win bets have relatively high odds, and combining them can result in some very risky accumulators. With that said, there are tipsters out there offering trebles and four-fold accumulators composed entirely of BTTS and Win tips. These accumulators can have some rather considerable odds!

BTTS and Win Arbitrage

Since BTTS and Win bets combine multiple bets into one, they can have some unique opportunities for arbitrage. Betting arbitrage is when you take both sides of a bet, and use discrepancies in the odds to guarantee yourself a profit. In the case of BTTS and Win bets, there are two opportunities for arbitrage. Firstly, you can back the bet on one exchange and lay it on another, using differences in the odds provided by either exchange to profit. However, you can also take advantage of the fact that BTTS and Win bets are effectively Both Teams to Score bets and match odds bets placed together. As a result, you can manually back a BTTS and Win bet on one exchange, and lay it on another or even the same exchange.

How to Make Money with BTTS and Win Bets

Chances are, you're reading this guide because you want to learn to make more from betting on football. So, how can you make money with Both Teams to Score and Win bets? First of all, you can earn money with BTTS and Win bets just like you can with any other bet: by identifying favorable odds at bookmakers or betting exchanges — in other words, odds that are higher than your perceived odds of the outcome — and placing bets with them. Of course, this means you'll need to be pretty confident in your ability to predict the outcome of a match, or at least calculate the true odds.

In a perfect world, you'd be able to make money with Both Teams to Score and Win bets by looking at whether both teams usually score in the same matchup, and picking the favorite as the team to win. Unfortunately, a lot of punters think the same way, and you'll find that odds aren't very good if you place a BTTS and Win bet on the favorite, especially if the matchup often involves a goal scored by either team. You can also rely on tips to help you find profitable Both Teams to Score and Win betting opportunities. However, you'll need to find a reliable tipster and work out how big a stake to place on each bet — also known as bankroll management. Other than that, a more predictable way to profit on BTTS and Win bets is betting arbitrage. Of course, this is a very specific type of betting, so it won't be for everyone.

Other Ways to Make Money Betting on Football

If you're looking to make money on football betting, simply placing bets on Both Teams to Score and Win bets might not be the best strategy. You'll still need a good understanding of how betting odds work — in order to find favorable opportunities — or how arbitrage works. For a reliable alternative, consider placing some bets with a betting system like Hinto. Our unique approach to generating betting tips relies on big data and machine learning to find the best opportunities. Not to mention, Hinto also tells you exactly how much to bet on each tip, which ensures long-term profitability of over 10% a month.

Final Thoughts

Both Teams to Score and Win is a popular bet, since speculating on whether both teams will score and which team will win is an exciting combination. For the professional better, BTTS and Win can have a place in the betting arsenal if the odds are right. Otherwise, we recommend taking a more reliable approach to betting, such as using a proven system.