5 Profitable Betfair Trading Strategies for Football

If you're new to sports trading and looking for ways to make money on exchanges like Betfair, you're in the right place. There are a wide variety of trading strategies that you can use to make a humble side income — or even a full-time living — from betting on betfair. In this article, we'll look at five of these strategies, explaining how they work and when to use them.

Laying the Draw

Laying the draw is perhaps the most popular of all football trading strategies. The idea is simple: you place a lay bet on the draw. In other words, you place a bet against the match resulting in a draw. Then, you wait for a goal and cash out your bet for a quick and easy profit. This is a particularly appealing trading strategy since it's relatively low risk. If you lay the draw early in the match, there are high odds that a goal will be scored and you'll be able to take a profit. Sure, it might not be the biggest profit, but it's always something! Another great aspect of laying the draw is that there are a lot of factors you can look at to gain an edge over the market. Many betters start by looking at how aggressive the two teams are, which determines the odds of the draw. This is a good starting point, but you can also look at the individual players or team news to get a better idea of the likelihood of goals being scored. There's also a lot to think about when the game is in-play. You can place the lay bet when the match is starting to pick up or when a goal might be imminent, like at a corner or penalty. Then, there's the question of when to cash out: after one goal or after two? Of course, laying the draw does have its issues. Because it's such a popular strategy, the market takes it into account when deciding odds. As a result, it's nowhere near as profitable as it used to be. However, it's still a great strategy to learn with.

Backing the Loser

Another popular trading strategy is to back the loser. If one team is behind the other, the odds of them winning will have fallen considerably. If you back this outcome, then you can walk away with a handsome profit if the loser scores an equalizing goal. Once again, this is quite a versatile strategy. The first thing to consider is which team is stronger, on paper. For example, if the stronger team is losing, then you might feel more encouraged to back them. Like with laying the draw, you can also look at substitutions. Also, entry and exit points play a big role in this strategy. You can back the loser when they're one goal down, which gives them a good chance of scoring an equalizer, but with little profit for you. Alternatively, you can back losers who are two or more goals down, which increases profitability at the expense of risk. Naturally, this strategy is also factored into the markets a lot of the time. But it's definitely worth experimenting with!

Under 2.5 Goals

On betting exchanges like Betfair, the Over/Under 2.5 goals markets are some of the most liquid. This makes them a popular choice for goals-based betting strategies, like the Under 2.5 goals strategy. This straightforward strategy involves betting on there being no more than two goals in a match. It can be a relatively low risk system when the two teams facing each other are defensive, and unlikely to go for many goals. As before, when you get in and out of this makes a big difference to your bottom line. If you're good at reading football matches, you might be able to gain a serious edge by watching how the teams are playing, and getting in and out of this strategy in-play.

Trading Team News

Another interesting sports trading strategy is to trade team news. This is usually more of a pre-match strategy, since there's little team news being published during the game, unless it directly relates to one of the players (which is unlikely). For example, if a team announces that a crucial player is still injured, you might be able to react before the rest of the market. You can lay that team as soon as the news comes out, and cash out your bet as soon as the market reacts, for a small and safe profit. Trading team news can be a relatively safe strategy if you know what to look for, but you really do need to be quick. In fact, this is a great system if you know how to automate it for maximum speed.


The last trading strategy we have to suggest for football is our betting system, Hinto. Technically, we actually recommend you use our tips as bets — by placing them and leaving them to run — instead of trading them. Our advanced sports betting algorithm looks at tens of thousands of football and tennis matches from recent years to find patterns, and with that, we identify profitable betting opportunities. Over the last two years, our tips have generated an average monthly profit of more than 12%. And that's if you stick to them exactly! If you think you know better, you can use our tips as the basis for a trading strategy to maximize profitability and minimize risk.


We've looked at five of the most profitable trading strategies for football. From classic, tried and tested strategies like laying the draw or backing the loser to more unique opportunities like Hinto, these five strategies should definitely find themselves in the punter's toolkit. As you get more experienced with betting, you'll find yourself able to spot even more profitable opportunities, using these strategies along with your intuition. Until then, we suggest you stick with our exact tips for an almost guaranteed long-term profit!