Best Betting Markets in Football

There are dozens of football markets in the betting world, but which of them should you choose if you want to make money?! In this article, we'll look at seven of the best and most popular football markets, and discuss if and how you can make money by betting on them.

The 7 Best Betting Markets for Football/Soccer

There are a handful of popular betting markets with great opportunities to make money. From the Match Odds market to the Asian Handicap, here are our favourites.

Match Odds

The Match Odds market is by far the most popular. It allows you to bet on the overall outcome of a game — i.e. whether the game will end in a Home win, Away win, or Draw. With three different outcomes, the odds for this market are not too high, nor too low. As a result, this is a suitable market for making slow and steady, low-risk betting profits. A major benefit of the Match Odds market is liquidity. Because the market is so popular, it's easy to get your bets filled on betting exchanges like the Betfair Exchange. For bigger betters, such as professional users, this is a huge plus.

Double Chance

The Double Chance market is a spinoff of the Match Odds market. It also has three different outcomes, but each of them cover two of the three outcomes of a football match. You can bet on a Home win or Draw (Home or Draw), a Draw or Away win (Draw or Away), or a Home win or Away win (Home or Away). Since each of these outcomes combines two of the outcomes of the Match Odds market, the odds are typically much lower. As a result, the Double Chance market is even better for those who want a low risk strategy, where individual bets are very likely to be correct.

Draw No Bet

Yet another market that relates to the overall outcome of a match is the Draw No Bet market. This market consists of only two outcomes: a Home win or an Away win. If the match results in a draw, your money is returned as if nothing happened. Of course, in a regular Match Odds market, you'd lose your stake if you bet on a team winning and the match resulted in a draw. When compared to a regular Match Odds market, the Draw No Bet market is definitely less risky. In some ways, it's similar to the Double Chance market, in that you can insure yourself against a draw.

Correct Score

Moving away from the overall outcome of the match towards the individual goals scored is the Correct Score market. This market consists of numerous outcomes, each relating to the exact, final score of the match. On the Betfair Exchange, there are a total of 19 different selections: all scores from 0-0 to 3-3, any other Home win, any other Away win, or any other draw. Obviously, with so many specific outcomes, the Correct Score market comes with high odds. As a result, it's relatively risky, but boasts high profits. Also, because the outcomes are so precise, this market can be used to insure yourself against specific outcomes. 


For those looking for a less specific goals market, there are always the many Over/Under markets. There's usually an Over/Under market for values one apart, starting from 0.5. Within each market, you can bet on there being Over (more than) or Under (less than) that number of goals. For example, you can bet on there being Over 0.5 goals in a match (i.e. one or more goals) or Under 0.5 goals in a match (i.e. no goals whatsoever). This is a particularly interesting market because there are a wide range of odds available. For many matches, the Over 0.5 outcome is a safe bet, since it's so likely to be correct. As usual, this comes with low odds and thus low profits. Of course, there are also riskier bets in this category.

Both Teams to Score

Another interesting goals market is the Both Teams to Score market. This allows you to bet on whether both teams will score in a given match. As a result, there are only two possible outcomes — Yes or No. In some matches, there may be opportunities to predict this market, or use it as insurance against your existing predictions. A variation on the Both Teams to Score market is the Both Teams to Score and Win market, where you have to bet on whether both teams will score and what outcome the match will result in (i.e. a Home win, Away win, or draw).

Asian Handicap

Perhaps the most complicated betting market is the Asian Handicap market, where you bet on what the outcome of the match will be, after accounting for some goal handicap. There are usually quite a few selections in these markets, relating to all sorts of handicaps (which can either be full- or half-goal handicaps).

Which Betting Market to Choose

You may have noticed that the "best" betting markets are really just the most popular markets. This is because there aren't really any markets where you can guarantee yourself a profit. Instead, you need to come up with a betting strategy that works for you. While there are some betting strategies that use illiquid markets, the most powerful ones use liquid markets, since they can be used by plenty of punters with big bankrolls. That's why Hinto, our smart sports betting algorithm, only generates tips for some of the markets listed above. Whether it's a Match Odds, Double Chance, or Over/Under tip, you can be sure you'll be able to place our suggested bets at the right odds. And that way, you can almost guarantee yourself a month-in, month-out profit from sports betting!

Final Thoughts

Match Odds, Double Chance, Draw No Bet, Correct Score, Over/Under, Both Teams to Score, and Asian Handicap are all popular bets in the football world. As a result, they're ideal for most betting tools and techniques, since numerous punters can place big bets without moving the market.