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How Hinto Works

Hinto based on unique algorithm that revolutionizes your chances of winning.

Based on Big Data and Artificial Intelligence reads sport data in a totally new way.

Verified by scientists from Oxford University.

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Who We Are

Meet our team

Pawel polenski
Paweł Poleński Chief Executive Officer
Maksym chrost
Maksym Chrost Head of Operations
Marcello bardus
Marcello Bardus Blockchain Developer
Mateusz kara
Mateusz Kara Lawyer
Thomas bush
Thomas Bush Chief Marketing Officer
Sebastian badura
Sebastian Badura Ruby on Rails / Backend Specialist

How it's started

Road map

See what we have created so far and what we are currently working on.

All this to provide new solutions tailored to the needs of our clients

  • Past
  • Future

Intitial development of
the Hinto algorithm


Closed testing begins on
the Hinto platform


Public release of the
Hinto platform

3Q 2019

ICO and development of
verifable tip history

4Q 2019

Affiliate program creation
and rollout

1Q 2020

Release of mobile apps

2020 -

Continuous improvement
of the Hinto algorithm


Let's verify our tips

Tips history verify on public blockchain ethereum

Whenever a new tip is published on the Hinto platform, we plan to automatically share an encrypted copy of that tip on the Ethereum blockchain. Upon signing up for any of our three plans, users will receive a private key which they can use to decrypt the tips.

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Our plans

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Hinto token is awesome

Find out how good is our new solution
based on blockchain.

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